Electrical testing and inspection Belfast

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    I get asked all the time “What is the point of testing and inspection”?

    I also get told “It has worked for years, its fine”?

    Here is a picture of connectors in a house I tested less than a week ago. Due to bad wiring the owner was happy that I tested the building. The cables where hot to touch with a terrible smell of burning as the previous engineer had connected all the 32Amp circuits cables into a 15Amp connector.

    Bad connectors

    An electrical installation is realistically copper and fuse wire and will not last forever and does need tested on a regular basis.

    It is recommended in the BS7671 IEE wiring regulations that a domestic property be tested every 10 years or change of tenancy and a commercial property 3 years.  Entertainment licenses and letting agencies require it every year.

    All work should be tested and inspected. Custodian Electricals work comes with test certificates, is fully insured and we stand over our work and tell customers of manufactures warranties.



    This article was written by Thomas Holland