Electrician Belfast Shower Installation

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    Here is a picture if a shower pull cord installed in a house.shower point

    I priced for this job 4 years ago and did not get it on the account that I was too dear.

    Truth is I calculated the load of the shower and allowed for 10mm cable, the engineer that was cheaper used 6mm.

    The shower in question was a 10kw shower and the load as well as bad connections almost caused a fire.

    The poor client has now had to have there bathroom partially dismantled and the shower rewired which has cost him significantly more than expected.

    The engineer in question has stopped taking calls from the client.

    When picking an electrician or trades man make sure they know exactly what they are doing.  Pick one you are comfortable around and get a registered trades man who can show insurance details at request.

    Custodian Electrical offers all this and appropriate NIC EIC certification for every job.

    This article was written by Thomas Holland