Smoke and heat detectors

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    20140301_115607Did you know that every smoke and heat detector has a replace by date.

    Usually these are hidden at the base, installers should make customers aware of the replace by date.

    House associations replace smoke and heat detectors every 10 years and it is amazing that home owners could have detectors for over 20 years.

    Usually a smoke or heat detector comes with a 12 year live span from production.  This allows for 2 years storage in warehouses and wholesalers.

    This very heat detector was installed on the 2nd March 2014, as you see the customer has been recommended to replace this detector in 10 years time.

    Having out of date smoke detectors can void insurances but why take a risk to you our your family.

    If you are concerned about your smoke detection in your premises or any premises you own contact Custodian Electrical for a free survey.

    Stay Safe.

    This article was written by Thomas Holland